Talking about Customer Experience Journey Mapping and beyond

What is Mapovate?

Mapovate is a dynamic solution for enabling businesses to map out their customer journey and identify all of the channels through which their customers interact with the business.

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Why Mapovate?

Mapovate is a unique, dynamic journey mapping software with the highest functionalities in defining, designing and measuring the Voice of Customers (VoC) through its unique integration capability with customer experience measurement metrics.

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Who can use Mapovate?

Any company looking to review and/ or improve their customer experiences can utilise MAPOVATE’s functionality. Within the organisation you can appoint users to create, amend, review and collaborate on maps and on touchpoints, personas or stages that impact customer satisfaction within your organisation.

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How will Mapovate benefit my company?

MAPOVATE will allow you to visualise your customer experiences and highlight key areas that you should focus on for improvement. This will result in intangible results such as robust customer loyalty, or tangible results such as your customers buying more from you or seeing ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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What are the key Mapovate features?

Some of its key features can be summarised as follows:

Wizard: The wizard simplifies the process of developing your journey maps. Simply follow the step by step process and develop your maps with ease.
Real-time reporting dashboard: Capture VOC feedback for all your customer touchpoints across different interaction channels.
Collaboration: Collaborate and share feedback with peers and stakeholders […]

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What are Customer Journey Maps?

Customer Journey Maps are a visual representation of the points at which customers touch your organisation throughout their journey of the use of your product/ services. It identifies all of the possible touch points from collecting information through to the loyalty stage of your customer’s journey.

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