Talking about Customer Experience Journey Mapping and beyond

Why is Customer Journey Mapping Important for UAE’s Multicultural Consumers

Developing a customer journey experience map is an essential tool helping identify each step of consumers’ experiences.
From initial contact, their engagement behaviour and patterns in the lead up to ‘conversion’, (purchase, sign-up – the end goal of the journey), as well as post-conversion activity such as revisits, repeat purchases, referrals and loyalty. A well thought […]

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Customer Experience Trends in 2017

Customer Experience or CX – we all know the critical importance it plays in a company’s success – in both offline and online customer engagement.
With the ever-evolving access to meaningful consumer data and analytics, organisations have the insights at hand to shape their customer experience proactively.
2017 sees a number of agreed trend predictions relevant […]

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What is an empathy map?

Understanding customers and their needs is something every business strives to do, but gaining true insights into consumers and their behaviour is not always easy.
Much like a buyer or user persona an empathy map represents a specific customer segment and aims to gain a deeper insight into the things that are important to them.
Some of […]

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What is a user story map?

Every business is based on the efforts of people who are working in different departments. Ever heard that a company is working on the manufacturing only and not packaging?. Ever gone through any literature which explains that there has been no follow-up on the marketing strategies by a company which is related to the production […]

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What is a customer experience map?

Over the past few decades customer expectations have increased significantly. Poor customer experiences and service is no longer tolerated, brand loylaty has eroded and consumers have more choices then ever before.
Purchasing habits have been revolutionized by technology and customer interactions have become more complex.
Experience mapping is a strategic process of capturing and communicating these complex […]

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What is a customer touchpoint?

Succeeding in business is all about increasing revenue, growing and ensuring a return on investment.
And no matter what the business, product or sector to acheive the above ensuring great customer service should be on top of every business owner or manager’s list.  Ensuring good quality interactions with customers at every opportunity is crucial and this […]

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