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The Use of Journey Mapping Software to Improve Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges faced by any business is how to improve customer experiences and levels of service.  To improve the quality of customer service, it is important to gather relevant data related to the customer journey and key touchpoints. However, this is not always easy and it’s difficult to get real-time feedback.

Planning & Decision Making

Customer journey mapping tools such as Mapovate allow businesses to better understand customers.   They allow organisations to map customer touchpoints and interactions to identify where issues may be occurring.   Done properly customer journeys help to see your organisation from the perspective of the customer and help empathise with them, which will aid in your planning and decision making.

Allocation of resources

Customer journey mapping allows you to see where the bottlenecks are occurring so resources can be allocated more effectively and additional resource can be added where it will make the most impact to the customer and biggest improvements to service levels.

Identify Quick Wins

Making operational changes to improve service levels doesn’t have to be expensive.  Through the use of customer journey mapping it is likely that you’ll identify some customer interactions that are inefficient, are causing blockages and taking up valuable staff and customer time which can be addressed through some simple changes.

Helps improve collaboration

Having clear data and feedback can help you to build a clear and compelling business case for improvements and also get buy in from all internal stakeholders and senior management to make the necessary changes.  Real time information can be shared with multiple teams so that action can be taken before the issue becomes business critical.


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