How Mapovate Customer Journey Mapping works

Ease of Use

Use the wizard to develop maps with ease - helping you map customer journeys with simple and easy steps.

Present and Share

Export journey maps to popular formats to share with external stakeholders.

Export Maps

Export journey maps to popular formats to share with external stakeholders.


Collaborate and share feedback with peers and stakeholders to fix real customer problems directly on your journey maps.

Real-time VOC Measurement

Create and run surveys with the click of a button through Mapovate’s seamless integration with KnowledgeTRAK.


Link customer journey maps with feedback management systems, CRM, or Voice of Customer capturing tools.

Dynamic Dashboard

Track the performance of your touch-points through the dynamic dashboard - updated with live feeds of your customer's feedback

Detailed Reports

Export different types of reports comparing your different metrics across touchpoints and channels.


Download cross-industry journey map templates to save you time and effort.
Download Sample Maps

Mapovate is ideal for

Visualising Customer Experiences, Finding Weaknesses and Turning them into Advantages

  • Marketeers
  • Product Managers
  • Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Business Owners

Why Customer Journey Mapping Matters

  • To get a detailed overview of the customers’ experience
  • To see how customers move through the sales cycle
  • To identify gaps in the customer experience, considering that different segments experience a company’s products and services very differently
  • To identify opportunities for enhancing the customer experience
  • To put the customer front and center in the company’s thinking and to demonstrate the need for the entire organisation to adapt
  • To enhance collaboration and to encourage people across the organisation to consider the customer’s feelings, questions and needs

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