FAQ - All you need to know about Mapovate Customer Journey Mapping

Here’s what most people ask about Mapovate

What is Mapovate?

Mapovate is a dynamic solution for enabling businesses to map out their customer journey and identify all of the channels through which their customers interact with the business.

Why Mapovate?

Mapovate is a unique, dynamic journey mapping software with the highest functionalities in defining, designing and measuring the Voice of Customers (VoC) through its unique integration capability with customer experience measurement metrics.

Who can use Mapovate?

Any company looking to review and/ or improve their customer experiences can utilise MAPOVATE’s functionality. Within the organisation you can appoint users to create, amend, review and collaborate on maps and on touchpoints, personas or stages that impact customer satisfaction within your organisation.

How will Mapovate benefit my company?

MAPOVATE will allow you to visualise your customer experiences and highlight key areas that you should focus on for improvement. This will result in intangible results such as robust customer loyalty, or tangible results such as your customers buying more from you or seeing ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

What are the key Mapovate features?

Some of its key features can be summarised as follows:

  • Wizard: The wizard simplifies the process of developing your journey maps. Simply follow the step by step process and develop your maps with ease.
  • Real-time reporting dashboard: Capture VOC feedback for all your customer touchpoints across different interaction channels.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate and share feedback with peers and stakeholders to fix real customer problems directly on your journey maps.
  • E-mail Notifications: Notify key stakeholders within your organisation when customers inform you about pain-points in their experience.
  • All paid Mapovate subscriptions come with our Customer Experience Measurement solution, KnowledgeTRAK

What are Customer Journey Maps?

Customer Journey Maps are a visual representation of the points at which customers touch your organisation throughout their journey of the use of your product/ services. It identifies all of the possible touch points from collecting information through to the loyalty stage of your customer’s journey.

What are Customer Personas?

Customer Personas are a grouping of types of people who interact with your organisation, these are usually represented as character traits, service preferences, attitudes, motivations and values. One type of person may be a busy entrepreneur who only ever contacts you by phone to ask you how much is outstanding on their account. Another type of person may be a retired individual who visit your branch regular to talk about their plans for the future.

What are Touchpoints?

Touchpoints are the interaction points between your business and your customer. These may be face to face, through home visits or the customer visiting your outlets, or remote interactions, via your smartphone applications or website. Each channel of your business may have one or more touchpoints.

What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organisations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. These can be in any format, ranging from a customer satisfaction score to a direct financial benefit/ cost. By integrating MAPOVATE with a survey tool, the voice of your customer can be directly fed into KPI measurement so you can easily see how close (or how far) you are from your aspirational goals.

What are Collaborators?

Collaborators are people within your organisation who are interested in seeing the visual representation of your customer journey map. These will usually be key stakeholders in the business or in the process. Through MAPOVATE, these stakeholders will be able to have conversations with each other and comment on various items within the solution to make a call to action or a comment on a touchpoint’s performance to expectation.

Is Mapovate available in my country?

Mapovate is a web based solution, so as long as you have a credit card to pay for the license, you can access the solution anywhere in the world.

Is Mapovate available in any other language than English?

Mapovate is currently available in English and Arabic. Additional languages will be added in later releases of the software.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Navigate to the user log-in page https://app.mapovate.com and click on the ‘forgot password’ link.

What do I do if I forget my username?

Your username is simply the email address you signed up with. If you can’t remember which email address, please email our support team.


What devices/ browsers can I use to access Mapovate?

You can access and use the Mapovate on any browser (except for IE), currently Mapovate application is not supported by smartphone devices

Is my content and the data I provide safe?

We go to great efforts to ensure the content you provide and the information that we collect is stored safely and securely on our dedicated Rackspace servers based in the United Kingdom. For further information, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Do you have any sample Journey Maps for me to look at?

Yes, cross-industry journey map samples are available via the link in the journey mapping section of the website and the application.

How many Journey Maps can I create?

The number of journey maps you can create are determined by your subscription package. Don’t worry if your package doesn’t provide you enough maps, you can buy additional maps individually as you need them.

How many Touchpoints can I create?

The touchpoints within your business can be unlimited, so within MAPOVATE you can create as many touchpoints as you need.

How many KPIs can I create?

It is possible to connect multiple KPIs to each touchpoint as you need and there is no limit to the amount of KPIs you have defined. However, it is not recommended to have so many KPIs that it is impossible to track them all. They should be KEY performance indicators for your business.

How many attachments can I append to a single touchpoint, what is the maximum file size?

There is no limit to the amount of attachments you can attach and upload to MAPOVATE. The overall space allowance is determined by your subscription package.

How can I best use the additional custom tables option?

‘Custom tables’ is a very flexible option you can use as per your requirements. You will be able to add additional tables such as the required training, value moments, and frustration.

How can I link KPIs to touchpoints?

At Mapovate the linkage can be created through two options whether the manual data entry based on your internal KPI’s or automatically by linking the measures with your internal systems and KPI’s (such as linking the waiting time KPI’s with your queuing system or IVR system to record the actual time and compare it with the targeted KPI’s).

Who can see my Journey Maps?

User permissions are defined by you. You can choose which of your stakeholders see what information and this can be changed at any time.

Is there a functionality to communicate with other map users/stakeholders through Mapovate?

The collaboration functionality enables you to interact with the other stakeholders in order to collect their feedback about the current journey map.

Can I print or export information from Mapovate?

Yes, in all the paid versions of the solution, there are various different reports you can export.

When do I have to start paying for the software?

At any point in your journey with us, you can choose to subscribe to a full version of the solution. Payments are made monthly at the end of each billing cycle. If you decide you want to pay annually, you are eligible for a 10% discount.

What are the payment options?

You can pay monthly by credit card, annually by credit card or by monthly/ annual transfer to us via electronic means. Where you decide to make payments via bank transfer or any other electronic means, please be aware that the minimum subscription period is 3 months.

Do you have a trial version of the software available?

Yes, MAPOVATE offers a free 14-day trial with no obligation so that you can ensure the solution matches your requirements. We don’t take card details up front and won’t charge you automatically once you reach the trial expiry. However, please note that if you don’t convert to a paid plan, your account will move to read only and after 14 days any uploaded content will be deleted.

How do I integrate my existing survey software to dynamically view KPIs?

Different systems bring different complexities of integration. Please contact our support team to discuss your requirements further on support@mapovate.com.

Do you offer any products that integrate directly with Mapovate already?

All paid MAPOVATE subscriptions come with our Customer Experience Measurement solution, KnowledgeTRAK. This is already integrated with MAPOVATE and allows you to immediately start collecting customer feedback through either surveys, at no additional cost, or through tailor-made Mystery Shopping Programs! For further information on this and for help and training, please contact sales@mapovate.com or refer to the KnowledgeTRAK FAQ’s section

How do I upgrade my account?

If you want to upgrade your account or add additional services at any time, visit the billing section by clicking on your name, selecting account settings, and then billing and follow the onscreen instructions. All upgrades will be active as soon as the payment is received.

How do I downgrade my account?

If you want to downgrade your account or remove additional service, visit the ‘my account’ section. Any downgrades will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. Please be aware that when you downgrade, any stored information outside the revised subscription package will be deleted. 

How do I cancel my Mapovate account?

If you want to cancel your account, follow the instructions in the ‘my account’ section of the application via the website. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. Upon termination of your subscription, your login credentials will remain intact, and your maps will be preserved on our servers for 24 months. To access your content, you would need to move back to a paid subscription package.

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