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5 trends most likely to shape the future of customer Service in 2018

5 trends most likely to shape the future of customer Service in 2018

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of every business today and, because of the massive reach customers have due to the various advances in technology, customer service can make or break a company.

So to help business owners and customers alike prepare for the future, here are five trends that will likely shape how customers and businesses will interact in 2018:

Artificial Intelligence is being used even now to help streamline the customer service process. Many predict that these bots will become easier to talk to as technology advances, making it easier than ever to connect customers with the information and assistance they need.

An important note for business owners in particular is the rising importance of personalization and customization in the customer service process. With so many people having access to social media profiles that they can update and change based on their experiences, it is likely that the customer service sector will adopt this and create accessible files for customers that can be used to personalize their customer experience.

A lot of people get frustrated when asked to call customer service to get help for an issue. The hustle and bustle of everyday life leaves very little time for people to call a support line for help. While only a few companies offer online support as of now, many predict that customer service will be offered more widely through online chat windows.

A lot of people tend to try to find an answer for their problem on their own before they attempt to call or contact a customer service line for help. This is because many don’t want to wait for a customer support agent to become available. That’s the reason why many companies will likely add troubleshoot videos and walkthroughs to help the customers solve the issue themselves.

A lot of companies, especially online companies get calls asking how to use a specific product from people who may not be too tech savvy. These calls will decrease as people continue to become more literate in the use of technology.

Customer service will always be needed, but the means by which it is delivered will change depending on the needs and the behaviors of the customers.

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