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What is an empathy map?

Understanding customers and their needs is something every business strives to do, but gaining true insights into consumers and their behaviour is not always easy.

Much like a buyer or user persona an empathy map represents a specific customer segment and aims to gain a deeper insight into the things that are important to them.

Some of the questions you need to ask include what’s important to your customers, what do they worry about, how do they feel or think, what are their aspirations, what are their pain points, what benefits will the customer get when using our product or service – either rationale or emotional.

The benefit of customer empathy mapping is to get a clear understanding of how your consumers think and feel and therefore allow you to tailor your offering to meet these needs and motivations.  This will benefit not only new customer acquistion but of course it will allow you to retain more customers and is likely to result in more brand loyalty and word of mouth recommendations.

The meaning of empathy is to be able to identify with another persons thoughts, feelings or attitudes and understand their position.   So if you can do this in a business context then empathy mapping could be a very powerful tool and a worthwhile investment in time.

The empathy sessions can be conducted by involving team members who would assume himself to be in the place of a customer, or even getting customers involved, and then ask searching questions.  So they don’t need to be a long drawn out process and can be a lot of fun.

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