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What is a customer touchpoint?

Succeeding in business is all about increasing revenue, growing and ensuring a return on investment.

And no matter what the business, product or sector to acheive the above ensuring great customer service should be on top of every business owner or manager’s list.  Ensuring good quality interactions with customers at every opportunity is crucial and this is why customer touchpoints are so important to consider.

A touchpoint is any customer interaction with your company or your brand, from the time a customer becomes aware of you, for the duration of the relationship.  A customer’s experience, opinions, and relationship with a company and a brand can be affected at every touchpoint in a positive, neutral, or negative way.

A customer touchpoint could be direct physical contact with your product or service, an interaction with a member of staff or your facilities, a piece of communication from your marketing initiatives, a visit to your website or a social media post or a a response from a customer service query.

To improve the overall customer experience it is important to examine each touchpoint (individually and as part of the whole customer experience) to uncover ways to improve the customer relationship and overcome barriers or negative spects that the customer may be encountering. It is important to note that the touch point can relate to the interaction of a customer before the product purchase, during the product purchase, and after the product has been purchased.

We all know how much it costs to attract a customer to your business in the first place so making the investment in customer touchpoints and journey mapping is well worth it.  Not only to ensure that any new customers have a positive first experience but to retain existing customers and also encourage word of mouth referrals.

By creating positive touch points and better customer experiences your business will grow organically, increase revenue and generate a better return on investment.


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