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What is a user story map?

Every business is based on the efforts of people who are working in different departments. Ever heard that a company is working on the manufacturing only and not packaging?. Ever gone through any literature which explains that there has been no follow-up on the marketing strategies by a company which is related to the production of a product? Or has this been ever heard that a company is lacking a finance department?.

None of this can ever happen as there is the need of a whole team who have their expertise in different departments and only then a company can prosper and stand in the market. A business is actually a system which is run by the individuals.

The officials hire the professionals of various departments to work for them and a system is ultimately formed.

Any firm cannot stand without the existence of digital operations. This includes the software needed for working, analysing, marketing, and trade. Similarly, the software can be used to analyse the status of the customers, their demands, perception, wishes, and experience.

For software development, the user story mapping is the essential and proficient tool. The user story mapping is being considered as a complex tool but as soon as it is being properly executed, a company can seek tremendous advantage through it.

The backlog of a company has an enormous amount of details. Yet it becomes a tough task to decide which department has to be focused first according to the experiences of the users. The user story mapping helps in seeking the answers.

It is a said to be a top-down and left-right approach. It enables a company for planning a project, for grooming and prioritising the backlog and visualising the progress of the project. The user story mapping follows a sequence.

The sequence first focuses on the targets to be achieved, then activities, after that the tasks performance and then finally, the user stories are formed. The theme initiates from a vision.

A vision of a company can only be acknowledged when there are goals. These goals help in following the vision. However, the goals can only be achieved via performance of activities.

The activities can be performed when the tasks are accomplished. The tasks are then transformed into the user stories which are required for the software development.

Each and every step of the user story mapping is performed with a keen vision. The user story mapping leads a company to know where they are, what they are doing and what they are going to do.

It also helps a company in identifying the proper functionality of their systems. The flaws and lacking can be found along with the activities which are needed to be prioritised in order to get the better results.

The tool helps a team to come close together and focus on a point to accomplish the goals. It also helps in staying focused to work on the users’ demands and work for them without losing the spirit and enthusiasm.

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